Monday, 14 July 2008

Bottle Bank

Went shopping to earlier, and had another look at the bottles in the supermarket. Sadly, the "Fruit Shoot" and "Lucozade Alert" bottles are too big to fit in my SnowPeak 900 cookset. My goal is to have enough fuel for the trip in the cookset that I take. Along with the fuel is the stove, windshield and folding spork.

meths bottles

Fitting in to SnowPeak 900 cookset is the:

  • Palmolive 300ml bottle (10oz) - previously.
  • Dettol 250ml bottle (8oz)
  • Nalgene 125ml (4 oz)
  • Tinny's blue bottle (4oz), fits in at angle.

Fitting in to Alpkit Ti Mug cookset is the:

  • Next smelly bottle 100ml (3oz)
  • Nalgene 60ml (2 oz)

One fluid ounce should be enough for one hot meal using the MiniBullDesign Blackfly3 (maker's video). If my leg wasn't still itching after the meds, I'd be out on the hills trying it out for real. Of course, I could just grab a gas stove and not bother with meths.


WD said...

OMG, a Scottish version of me!!!!

Be warned this is the start of a long and slippery road.

Dawn said...

Pipes Duncan? like as in bagpipes??? Mmmmhhhh, well, I have been listening to the Red Hot Chillie Peppers. Very different!

Chris Cowell said...

Hi Duncan,
You can get a 500ml Platypus that holds meths perfectly and has the added advantage of getting smaller as the trip progresses and it's easy to slip into nooks and crannies. Mine didn't leak a bit on the months trip last summer. I then used a little medicine measuring cup to get the fuel quantity right. I could boil a litre of water and the stove would pop out 15 seconds later!
Sorry if this has already been suggested :)


AktoMan said...

Hi Chris. I just don't like the idea of having meths outside the cookset. The safes place that I have for it is inside a titanium cookset. I'm just overcautious.

I have the wee Platy, and it is too big for that. Grand for storing sake though :)

From what I recall, there used to be a specific fuel-carrying Platy called the Little Nipper. In the photos I saw, the lid had a 'sports cap'. Not sure what the differences were.

AktoMan said...

Dawn - there's a graphical programming system on Yahoo! called "pipes". So you are safe from my cack-handed playing, something I wasn't good at as a kid.

Darren - I can handle it, dude.

Anonymous said...

Alan Sloman has suggested that you may like to have a look at a fuel bottle photo on my Blog (
Hope it may be useful

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Robin/Fenlander. As mentioned to Chris above, I'm happier with the fuel bottle stored inside the titanium shell of the cookset. I'd doubt that the 1 litre bottle would, but any ideas if the 500ml that you mentioned would fit into something like the Snow*peak 900?