Thursday, 17 July 2008

TITLE - Blog Templates

[TITLE TITLE TITLE - Review Writing Headlines for Regular Readers, Search Engines, and Social Media - TITLE TITLE TITLE]

Tick, that's that bit done, now onto the next.

[First Line. Hook. Ask questions. Say something intriguing. Get your potential reader hooked to make her read on.]

Ah, ask a question. Maybe I can use Wikipedia's home page to get something interesting.

So, what do you think of the coup in Spain? Oh, that was 1936, sorry.

[Answer the questions. Make your statement. Think of sub headline in the newspaper article that generally says the essence of the post. This should make the reader read on to find out "how" or details on your take]

Well, thanks for asking, but I wonder how countries like Britain can sit back and allow the fascists to rise up. Hmm, this sounds like I've got a split personality.

[insert picture from flkr. More flkr stuff - A Complete Guide to Finding and Using Incredible Flickr Images]

[do not forget to give credit on picture]

My photo from a wargame in 2003.

...oh, I give up on the rest of the template. Heck, if blogging is that much of a chore, go over to something less taxing on the grey cells, like forums or Twittering.

Source of template - Alik Levin across at the informative "Daily Blog Tips". Some good ideas to follow up and ponder. link