Sunday, 13 July 2008

1DR Trailer on YouTube

Strong sweary word warning - turn down volume if you wish, but see Mike getting dragged along the road.

Click for Trailer (I would have embedded it, but I want to maintain my non adult-content rating)

Oh, and the channel has a BBC Radio interview with Mark Stirton and Patrick Wight. Good photos from the shoot too.

And no sweary-words in that interview. Even when Mark talks about the Glasgow-centric BBC. More information about the film can be seen at the One Day Removals site. Adult content warning still applies. And whilst on same theme, some earlier work is on YouTube still - "Doctor Who and the Cybermen from space" is a classic parody.

Instant time travel.


mubashar said...

Some limited commercial activities were undertaken at the airfield during the 1960s when Emerald Airways operated a Glasgow service.
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AktoMan said...

Poor Mubashar has nothing better to do with their life than to be associated with a film about some murdering eejits.

Gwan and give money to the film-makers - or even buy a copy of the film - and then you'd be welcome to associate your company with their hard work.

But I'm sure you won't. Spammers tend not to, and just wish to make a fast buck off the backs of others.

Awa' now and get a life.