Sunday, 13 July 2008

Comments v3 and v4

Blogger gives very limited control over feeds. I found that my default feed was using Atom, and so switched the code in Comments v3 to RSS. Everything else was the same as before.

instead of

The maximum number of comments is set to 5 (the largest). So far, Atom feed (Comment v2) has picked up one of the latest comments, whilst the RSS feed looked more promising at the start, but has failed to receive the new comment from Paul.

This came up as I was trying FeedBurner, and it detected the two feeds (Atom and RSS) for the main articles, so I just transposed their code. Their burn of the RSS feed show the latest comment as:

I think the space makes Comments v3 look so much m...  - paulmartin42

But the gadget's showing the RSS feed in the sidebar hasn't picked that up at all, though it does show in the Atom fed gadget. So, sticking with the plan, I'll add in version 4 of the comment feed, which will be the FeedBurner feed based on the RSS comment feed.

Both RSS (v3) and FeedBurner (v4) are now showing the same comments as Atom (v2).

Obviously I won't be keeping all 3 and will be monitoring the feeds for accuracy.

If this is giving you a headache, just don't say so to HR!


paulmartin42 said...

Not only a headache but multiple sneezing

AktoMan said...

LOL - I'm now across on Yahoo!Pipes (nope, I'd not heard about it until about an hour ago). Mashing up script for v5.

AktoMan said...

These 2 comments above appear on the Yahoo!Pipes site when I run the script. However, these 2 comments fail to appear on the blog here.

I'm tired of this nonsense. It has to be a problem with Blogger, probably a fault with their RSS comments feed.

Can I claim the wasted time back from Google?

paulmartin42 said...

Back to appearance commentary: I do not like Comments v5 where the name appears first. Tho' you appear to use less space the name first distracts from the message and (2nd) is atraditional - one normally signs a dispatch at the end
(except in the e-world)

AktoMan said...

It was merely a simple matter of swapping around the author and title on the string builder. Works okay on Pipes. No change on Blogger, probably because no change on the RSS feed that is feeding the element/widget/gadget.

More chatter at Blogger's "Something is broken" forum.

Leg itching like an itchy thing, so resting it up again today. Dartmoor trip shortly, so leg has to be in good shape for that.

AktoMan said...

There we go, an hour later, and the comments are now in text - author format in the sidebar.

paulmartin42 said...

Time 13.02. Seems an interesting problem but as someone said on Blogger's "Something is broken" forum give it a while to see what happens when the US gets going this week

AktoMan said...

14:25 and no change to the comments feed yet to reflect Paul's posting above.

The phrase "what kinda obsessive compulsive idiot..." just blasted from my speaker in the TWiT podcast (they're talking about deleting and editing on blogs).