Monday, 7 July 2008

Monday's Moral Maze

After being reminded to look for a hip-flask I was sure I had, I couldn't find it in my 'spares' hiking box. So I went looking in my kitchen. I shifted a box to look in the back of a cupboard. As I pulled out the box, the word "Glenfiddich" shone out in gold lettering. Howard Carter, eat your heart out!


Should I open the presentation case to use hip-flask to store meths for my cooker? It will fit into the Alpkit titanium mug. Alan Sloman reckons his has a 4 ounce capacity. 1 fluid ounce (30ml) per main meal. That should be enough for a weekend. What a dilemma!


PhilW said...

No contest! Drink the booze, use the flask for the meths - just make sure you're drinking the right one. Pleased to hear that you are getting better.

Alan Sloman said...

Not Guilty Duncan!
'Twas the admirable Stef.

Big Kev said...

This reminds me; I too have a hip flask, a present from someone who forgot I've been tee-total for years. I suppose I could team it with the Vargo Triad that Ebay refused to let me sell.

PhilW said...

Hmm... Duncan, are you TT as well? If so, a different solution required.

AktoMan said...

Not-TT, but drink only in moderation.

2 more days on the last course of anti-biotics, then it's "Ice cold in Alex".

BG! said...


I never realised that we are so alike, Alan. Maybe we're twins.

Or maybe the Glenfiddich's given our AktoMan ddoouubbllee-vviissiioonn.


AktoMan said...

I don't know who I should apologise to, so I'll say "sorry for the mixup" to you both, Alan and BG!.

I'm not allowed to drink or the drugs won't work. Not risking flaring up my leg for a wee nip.

BG! said...

No worries, Duncan. Just get yourself better.

Then get p15hed.