Thursday, 31 July 2008

Not quite another SPOT-killer

Webware is a useful service to subscribe to. Overnight there were about 6 items of news2.0 to look at. This one caught my eye:

Online travel communications retailer Telestial has just launched Travel Journal, an online service that automatically creates an online trip journal based on the location of the user's phone. Using a special SIM card that triangulates the user's location using cell phone towers, Travel Journal automatically updates in more than 100 countries.

Full article at: Webware

I hope we see more of these useful features being added to mobile phones. Obviously, the difficulty is receiving mobile phone connections in the wilds. Something that SPOT recognised, and so set up their own system to negate that issue.

You can, of course, send your own email link to your blog, and have it appear as a flag on Google Maps (see earlier post). With GPS hardware appearing in more and more mobile phones, the search for the killer geo-application goes on. But it will be difficult to sell an application to the outdoor community whilst signal coverage is so poor. But, who cares about it? It is good to get away from people texting about problems at their work and how rubbish tv is.

One solution that I heard of to taking the world with you in your mobile phone was that the wife gave him a pay-as-you-go SIM for his phone. Work didn't know his new number, but he could call out if he needed. He had a great time painting watercolours in France.