Thursday, 10 July 2008

Readership Survey

As it is raining outside, and the iPhone saga has come to a bitter end, I thought I'd post my readership stats for the year to date.

Personal stats for this year:

  • Hikes: 5
  • Bennachies: 1 (440m ascent/descent, approx 4km round trip)
  • Kilometres hiked: 93km
  • Munros bagged: 1 (Carn a' Mhaim, 460m ascent)
  • Nights in Akto: 5

It has been a quiet year so far, with weekend weather, illness, bereavement, work. So I was surprised when the total treks came to 93km/57 miles. Head down and just walk. It's not rocket science.

Blog stats since January 1st this year:

  • Visits: 19,042
  • Unique Visitors: 9,026
  • Page views: 31,087
  • Average time on site: 1 min 45 seconds (Baku in Azerbaijan wins a virtual prize for longest average time on site, 12 mins).

Thanks for dropping by. Please hold.


PhilW said...

So, 1:45 on average, but Baku is here for 12 mins (must be quiet out there) so what must the average be excluding Baku??

AktoMan said...

1 visit out of 19042 visits probably doesn't affect the average too much.

0.038th of a second by my calculator.

ptc said...

Stats are an funny one. I didn't do any monitoring until November last year, then I stuck sitemeter on and the boy who's server I'm on put me on the google ananlytics thing.
It's fascinating stuff, make the world seem like a much smaller place.
It also made me think that I should watch what I'm saying, but after the half second that thought lasted I carried on regardless :o)

AktoMan said...

I self-censor a lot. No swear words, nothing that Work will pull me up for (paranoid? nope, this is a new media and why should the Boss be queried on stuff that his staff write online), no unsubstantiated or libelous articles. Just trying to get through the day.

I might start blogging about my wargaming projects, but probably elsewhere. It might confuse people that I try and get out hiking, and I paint wee modl sodjers.

PhilW said...

I use Google Reader to quickly read your posts. I'll then come onto your blog if I think there may be comments or want to say something myself. Surely that must grossly understate your real stats?
PS Are you off out this weekend? Good luck, hope weather's not too bad.

AktoMan said...

TBH, that's the way I follow blogs too, Phil. During my 'confinement', I cleared out a lot of outstanding (and outstanding) posts so that my Google Reader feed is up to date.

I honestly don't know how these stats are handled, if at all, by Google Analytics. It's also such a minor side of the blog that it is just fun that people are reading this blox anyway.

No gear reviews, no prizes, no arty photos, no interviews, no cartoons, no uplifting soul-searching answers to the problems of daily life. Just me and what goes on in my brain. And even that is heavily self-censored.

AktoMan said...

Oh, and the other question from Phil.

I'm off to Edinburgh tomorrow to catch up with a mate from Uni. That means I can't get out for an overnighter tonight. Dartmoor next weekend, so I'll need to get out for a dust-off before then.

Rucksack is still packed, and hiking clothes in pile on floor. Just add food and I'm ready to bimble.