Monday, 14 July 2008

Feeder Frenzy

Merged screenshot of the different times of comment feed arriving (and, yes, I did refresh the screen first).

The time of this snap was 23:07. I switched over to the Safari browser so that I can have a non-logged in view.


Comments v 3 & 4 are based on RSS feeds. Latest post received was from Dawn (the last comment posted).

Comments v 2 & 3 are based on Atom feeds. Latest post received was from WD (posted at 21:47).

Earlier today the Atom feeds seemed to be faster to update.

No reply from Blogger staffers at their forum. I did notice a post that asked "Does Blogger Tech Support staff ever look at this forum?" (source). I looked back through forum posts to find that I may be better asking them for information directly. So, I went through the Blogger Help, and ended on this page:

The best way to get help is to post your question to the Blogger Help Group. There, you can find answers, ask questions, and share expertise with other Blogger users. There are some Blogger employees who jump in as well. You'll see a blue "G" badge next to their names. Report your issue here.

Clicking on the link took me back to the Official Blogger Help Group from whence I started. So I looked through some posts and found how few had been answered by staffers. Actual, real staffers, and not the "stars" that help so many people. And then I looked at how many final posts read about getting help from staffers by email. If you find these words negative, just go and have a look at the work these people are doing. As to the "stars", I don't know if they get paid, or sent some gift socks.

Still, it is a new day tomorrow. I'll try some Piriteze to see if it works better on the leg than the Benadryl tab. It is distracting me from doing some painting, but not enough to get me to do the housework.

In the meantime, some music, it was used in the compelling documentary series "Teachers".