Thursday, 10 July 2008

d-1 for iPhone 3G Launch

David Pogue of the New York Times sums up a lot of what I've been thinking since O2 don't want my iCustom.

Having seen the problems that people have been having on the O2 forums, I decided not to bother calling up a different O2 upgrade phone number. I think I want a better camera than the iPhone comes with. I'm getting tempted by the Sony Ericsson C902, or the Nokia N95. For out on the hills, I'm not too keen on having to slide out a keyboard to rattle off a blog post - that way leads to a damaged phone or a missed opportunity.


Martin Rye said...

Some of them Sony phones are lush Duncan. My mate has one that allows you to stitch pictures together and create wide, wide scenes. I am after on me self.

AktoMan said...

My last 3-4 phones have been Sony Ericssons, Martin. I really like them. My Mum's been getting my cast-offs. I think she's on a 2mp camera just now. So, my last cast-off has as good a camera as the newly released 3g iPhone.

But it is all the apps and potential developments in the iPhone. I see on the App Store that there's a pile of Web 2.0 apps. Yawn, social software - gosh, how not exciting. I'd rather be doing things than talking about doing things.

Alan Sloman said...

Get a Nokia E90 Communicator: Job Done: All the shit of all the rest but better built.

AktoMan said...

Same camera that I've got just now, but has gps. I think the smartphones are trying to do too much just now. Maybe next year, or the following. But they have too many compromises just now.

My core use - text, voice, alarms, camera, email to blog. I don't have long train journeys, and when I do, I take my iPod.