Thursday, 17 July 2008

What's that now, Mr D?


It is a wick snuffer for my Blackfly3 stove.

You will require: duct tape, scissors and a hand.

Form fingers into a pinching shape. Take a length of duct tape tape to fit the length and double it. Cut tape. Fold tape back on itself so that non-sticky sides are outside. Trim off any excess.

Warning: flames are usually hot and may cause damage if the wrong sort of tape is used, or if the flame catches the users hand. No liability is accepted by the writer if you hurt yourself, others or damage possessions (yours or others) when using this device.


BG! said...

I'm not sure that you should call this a snuffer - it's not web-trendy enough. Maybe you should call it a snuffr (as per Flickr, Zooomr).

You need to consider the discrimination aspect too - this is so obviously a gadget for a right-handed person. By rights, you should also supply instructions and a picture for a cack-hander/left-hooker/sinister version.


Seriously, it's usually true that the simplest things are the best. Nice one!

AktoMan said...

LOL - thanks for the larf, BG!

Hmm, people could leave comments on it using a marker pen. So, maybe Snufr 2.0?

Of course, the 3g version would allow people to download it to their iPhone and use that as Snufr3g. I can imagine hearing the melting plastic and cracked screen. Muhahaha.

The best disclaimer that I read was in's book "Lightweight Backpacking and Camping ", ed. Ryan Jordan.

It simply stated: "Your mama ain't watching out for you. Don't be an idiot." Sadly, they then had to do a 'real' one.