Thursday, 24 July 2008

Jar Jar Binks of the TarpSide

Yesterday I failed miserably to get the hand of the Mountain Laurel Design Spinntex Mid tarp-tipi that Dawn has given me. Helped by the extendable pole that I got from Darren for winning the last caption competition, I needed to head back to the drawing board.

MLD_mid1 MLD_mid2 MLD_mid3

This is what it should look like. I'll need to sort the peg ties. It was a nice afternoon in Duthie Park anyway.


Alan Sloman said...

The 'proper picture' looks very pretty Duncan - so what will you use this for?

Is it a party tent for the next Blogger's Meet?

AktoMan said...

Sadly the 'proper' picture features a pole only 3' tall (split into 2 sections), which the wind promptly blew down.

Story Quine said...

note my foot modeling the original black Holey Soles clog in the second shot just to the lower left...


DP is my back yard - well, mair or less.

BG! said...

If it helps, I've still got that telescopic pole sitting here doing nowt, if you can use it, just let me know.

AktoMan said...

Thanks for the kind offer, ye Gitte of the Bearde. But Weird Darren of Ferns Boro had already presented me wif one.

Gadzooks, too much Robin of Sherwood this morn, methinkes.