Sunday, 20 July 2008

Left Turn, Martin

Off the Moor and into a Little Chef. More details and photos to follow. No trace left, but plenty of happy memories and thoughts to mull over and action. Job done.


The MiniBullDesign Blackfly3 meths stove works well. As ever, a high centre of gravity makes it very important that the base is stable or secured in place.

cookset blackfly3

Gayle was taken by the GSI cup and bowl that I got from Sarah. I like it too. It stores the makings for tea and coffee, and the shape allows it to be wedges into spaces in my pack. I heard from the others that Mick had taken ill in the night, and that Gayle gone to get the car to drive him out (link). John H had headed out for a family commitment, and BPC John headed away early too.

Geoff and Martin

Geoff soon packed up and headed out.

Martin Darren and Alan

Leaving Martin, Martin, Alan, Darren and myself.


We left no trace of our being there.

homeward bound

We walked along the side of Great Nodden, Coombe Down, Lake Down and past the Sourton Tors before arriving at the West Devon Way.

viaduct Dartmoor ridge pony on ridge west devon way we regret hunger pangs

But the cafe was closed, so we said farewell to Alan and Martin (who were staying out for another night), and we three headed back to Martin's car as he drove the long miles back east.

Wicker Man

With an extra 11.6km (7 miles) under our belts that day, and some strange things to see on the way.