Thursday, 10 July 2008

No News is No News

On Monday, I wasn't able to get a 3g iPhone from O2 online. They said to come back to their site on Thursday. For the next few days the 'news' was the same.

This morning, their site has a graphic stating: "iPhone 3G. The iPhone you've been waiting for. Coming 11 July."

The only news for existing O2 customers (me) who don't have a 1st generation iPhone (I don't).

Upgrade to iPhone 3G
Existing O2 customers can also switch to iPhone 3G. We'll contact you when you're eligible for an upgrade and talk you through the best options.

Considering that this is a business who's core business is communications, this sort of attitude is laughable.

As my contract is with the online O2 franchise, I am not able to go to a real-world O2 shop tomorrow. I wouldn't bother queuing like a Muppet anyway. What I'm doing tonight/tomorrow depends on the weather, not some over-paid O2 executives.