Wednesday, 9 July 2008

iPhone? naePhone

Ah, here we go...O2, existing customer who doesn't have an iPhone already...

Upgrade to iPhone 3G

Existing O2 customers can also switch to iPhone 3G. We'll contact you when you're eligible for an upgrade and talk you through the best options.

pagelink - I'm with O2 already, and the text about contract length applies to other service providers.

So, I registered interest in June. Got a text through from them later to say that I will be notified in about the iPhone. Here's me assuming that this means that I would be "eligible for an upgrade"! Just because the people who have my contract details say that I am. On Monday, I also receive the text message that states "iPhone 3g is here. Upgrade now by going to ... ".

And there was me assuming again that in the 21st Century, a communications company who has customer details on computer, who has contract details on computer, who then sends out details regarding the new product, would have the common sense to be able to see who is eligible or not. But, no, they generate a disgruntled and disappointed customer. A customer who ... well, no need to go over ground that I'd gone over earlier today.

If they weren't so overstretched and under-supported, I was thinking of contacting the Trading Standards about this. I wonder if OfCom would be better? LOL. Yeah, right.


Baz said...

So don't use them? Vote with your feet?
Not sure if I'm missing the point, but what's so great if the service is so cack?

AktoMan said...

You said it Baz.

I was live-blogging as I went through email, response, website, fact-checking.

On Monday, I was getting ready to go to work when the text came in. I didn't drop everything as I had a pile of paperwork to sign off and important things to make sure students get their qualifications processed. The phone isn't as important as that.

So, I don't like it when a company's people lie to me, or their site has misleading information. I try and do my best at work, so I expect the same level of service from people that I am paying money to. I'm a grown-up, I can handle the truth of over-subscription, rather than spin, puff and bluster.

Life goes on. I have some virtual and real filing to get tidied up, rucksack to pack and road to drive. Then a short 2km hike to test out my leg and overnighter to test some new gear in the wild before I rely on it for longer trips.

In amongst that, I may find time to see what O2 meant when they say to "come back on 10 July for more information."