Monday, 7 July 2008

After Much Regular Refreshing

I think I've bought a new iphone. By time i got thru, the homepage - open in a separate window - said they were out of stock n check back on 10th july. Shiny.


Story Quine said...

heard about it on Fred Macaulay's show today - even the BBC couldn't get Apple to give them one to demo and 02's website fell over.

Ach - jist anither gadget! What package are you going for? ;->

AktoMan said...



Just watch the Apple keynote speech.

It is so advanced, it will even knit a dalek if you tell it to.

AktoMan said...

Good tracklog midway down this page

AktoMan said...

See...more than just a gadget :)

Story Quine said...

KNIT a dalek??? Hmm.

I could be doing with a Tardis instead. Does it teleport?


AktoMan said...

If you watch the keynote speech, you'll see it does everything that humanity needs it to do.

From this to that via the other

AktoMan said...

All this, and a knitting daleks link too.

AktoMan said...

And from the same person, the TARDIS.