Thursday, 5 June 2008

Bennachie 050608


Left car at 7.15, the entity that is i as a ball of sweat arrived at summit at 8.05. A dog barks from a farm somewhere below me. The steady roar of the traffic miles away. The approaching bank of sea fog. An aircraft flies out from Dyce, as my right far tries to locate the warble of a moorhen. The woods below me are full of birdsong. A ghostly whisp of cloud is carried on the air just below eye level. Someone puffs and pants on the rocks behind me as his Irish-accented pal is presented with the view. Time for me to head back as people talk about flirtatious emails.











36 minutes to get from Summit to car park.

Why did I suddenly feel the urge to head for my local hill for the first time this year? After a long day at work, I thought of a nice cool shower, or a cold drink, or a large pack of crisps and veg out. Then I thought of all three together. A straw in the can, and did anyone make waterproof crisps?

At which point I thought that I needed to break the vicious cycle and fight through the numpty drivers (speeding on all roads, driving along 2' away from the read of vehicles at speed: I just find it all so tiring). Quick tea, and out.

Kit: Montrail Namche, Mountain Hardwear Trek trousers, Airforce X-socks (they don't work for me on long treks), "life is good" non-wicking statement t-shirt, Montane windshirt (with plastic water bottle, camera, mobile phone, Tikka plus headtorch - just in case).

Last visit: good grief, it was in August last year!


Anonymous said...

Any ideas how many times you gonna climb up mount B?

Story Quine said...

Bennachie is such a good workout - you could climb it a million times and never get bored.

Lovely description D, you make me feel like I'm there! Unfortunately the computer rules at the moment. Work, work, work, makes jill a dull girl

AktoMan said...

As to number of times I am going up Bennachie, I don't know. I'd like to say that I'd get back into going weekly, but I am bad at commitments like that.

All I can say is that if I get to the stage of coming up with the idea of waterproof crisps again, I'll jump in the car, fight through the traffic, and leg it up the hill in a zenlike state.

Dawn said...

fantastic photos Duncan. Next week I am off to Mull, am hoping to photo seals. it will be more of a stravaig than a planned walk.

Martin Rye said...

Local hills are far away for me, you live a charmed life there Duncan and the photos where great. Keep up the good work.

AktoMan said...

Dawn - now that you have the nonce, I want to see photos :)

Martin - it is still a cross-town drive and I hate the numpty drivers on the road. As a result, I can arrive stressed after a number of near-misses.

Jonathan Dee said...

Hi Duncan, I to was on Bennachie on Thursday afternoon, cracking view from the top. As you can see from my profile picture I collected a rather nice injury on the way down. Went base over apex after Hosie's well!

Happy trekking

Story Quine said...

Beautiful photos mate.

The Hunter's Wife said...

Got your link from the OBS and Gun Safety Innovations website. Beautiful photos!

ptc said...

Good call on the Namches. It's about time I started wearing my favourite shoes again.
I'm long overdue a wander up Bennachie. Next time I'm at the inlaws, definitely.

AktoMan said...

Jonathan/Manxman - ouch. Some of these rocks can be tricky on the track.

Hunter's Wife - thanks. But I think the safest gun innovation is not to give weapons to outdoor bloggers. Bad enough when we shoot our own mouths off ;-)

ptc* - still not a 100% sure of the Namches, so got the Gore-lined Hedgehogs as my 2 pair of Inov-8's aren't fit for the hills. I prefer having dry feet - I'm a wimp.

ptc said...

It'll come to you, that cool rush through your toes as you sink through the heather into a bog...Ah yes :o)

AktoMan said...

LOL - yes was nice in the summer in my Terrocs, and only used the Namches out of the season. I just don't like walking in Sealskinz socks when it is raining.

Luckily it rarely rains here in Scotland ;-)

Michael G Clark said...

Smart photos as always, give me a bell the next time you're heading up and I may come along. Some nazi has sneaked an extra stone (or so) on me and I need to escape it.