Friday, 6 June 2008

Musings on Today

I did not go to a gear shop.

I did not stop at a chippy.

I did not write a gear review.

I did get a lot of work done.

I did start on my next batch of barbed wire defences.


Big Kev said...

I have mostly been navel-gazing and contemplating the duality of man. It's no' goin' in the blog tho' :o)

AktoMan said...

Feel free to leave your printable musings here. Nobody'll see it.

Anonymous said...

Ah-ha! That's what you think. The voice of your conscience sees everything.

AktoMan said...

Scale barbed wire from Got 3 packs of 30' of the stuff. On to the 2nd pack already.

3" lengths, using cocktail sticks as posts. Wrapping the wire around these. Three paint colours and I'll have 7' length when this batch is completed.

What an exciting life I lead!

Alistair said...


AktoMan said...

16 quid on new paints from Games Workshop. Hence the desire to get a new set of trail shoes.

On to the last bag of barbed wire too.

Story Quine said...

Funny, last night's repeat of Have I Got News For You the featured guest publication was Antique Barbed Wire Collector!

And James May from Top Gear was on! Now there's a gadget man if ever there was one.