Friday, 20 June 2008

These are not the words you are looking for

The new edition of Trail magazine came through the letterbox today. Promising tests of ultra-light tents and backpacks, plus wild camping, plus a 9-page 'mission' on going lightweight.

As I'm not allowed to saw anything negative that may affect sales, all I will say is that there was no Akto tested in their test of lightweight tents. Heavier tents are tested. More expensive tents are tested.

As 'mission' - I couldn't get beyond the introduction. The wild camping laws are, again, incomplete. I felt my BP start rising and my leg twinge. Not a good sign. So I put the magazine away.

I feel the urge to thumb through "Lighten Up" by Don Ladigin and Ryan Jordan's "Lightweight Backpacking and Camping", heck, even Chris Townsend's "Backpacker's Handbook". I just can't be bothered with the over-dramatic stance that is taken. Hike your own hike. If you need someone else to tell you how to pick your own nose, you probably shouldn't be trekking out of site of a main road.


Fenlander said...

Hi Duncan,
I couldn't agree more with all you say AND left unsaid!!:)

Martin Rye said...

I don’t think it is a bad issue Duncan, the front cover has a staff member in trail shoes which is saying something of the direction Trail is heading (better than Striding Edge in full winter conditions with no ice). The article on going light is aimed at weekend overnight people and as for the tent….well if the Akto had been tested would it have won? It did in the TGO but CT loves it any way. Terra Nova are pushing the Akto and I wonder how it will fight back? Robin said it needs to loose 400 odd grams not long back. I sold mine, why is that many ask. As for Trail it has good and bad, but the good outweighs the bad.

AktoMan said...

That's the advantage of the outdoor's community, Martin. We're all seeking something different, we all have different start points, different goals and different expectations.

This edition of "Trail" was my new series of "Smallville". I can live without it. But each to their own. We all hike our own hikes, like different things, etc etc. I have a limited budget for magazines, so it is time to say bye bye when the subscription comes for renewal.

I'm going to look into the US magazine to see if there is anything inspirational in that.

Martin Rye said...

I have a subscription to BPL and you would like it I think. I have had long and insightful talks on the forums and learnt a lot from those who use it. The reviews from staff on kit are the best tests of kit I have found.

Your saying....."That's the advantage of the outdoor's community, Martin. We're all seeking something different, we all have different start points, different goals and different expectations"...Sits well with me. Seek out those who are doing what your looking to do and learn from them I say.

On Trail it is better than it was, and maybe the TGO pushing going lighter has forced its hand?

Till another time

AktoMan said...

Just done the deed across at, Martin.

For me, cutting back on things like size of cooksets, etc is logic, not some obsession with going lightweight. There is no great debate of good vs evil or similar, it is just pure logic. So, to me, Trail's stance is illogical.

Of course, I could pretend and say that I'm taking the huff cos they didn't include the Akto in their tent review. But, to be honest, like "Smallville", it just ain't worth the hastle for me any more.

Martin Rye said...

Cutting back is good but has its limits. I said not long back my pack weight will go up a bit soon as I have comfort needs while wild camping. Odd that of all the blog quotes to pick up on the Outdoor station did just that. On BPL try these articles as they are very interesting

How Far, How Fast, How Heavy?

Frameless Backpacks: Engineering Analysis of the Load Carrying Performance of Selected Lightweight Packs,

Also there SPoT review just sums up the depth of the knowledge of the staff there. I’ll look out for you on the BPL forum.

Have fun

AktoMan said...

Decided just to buy the magazine subscription rather than the online membership, Martin.

As to the forum, I just read it when I'm researching. I've enough with posting on OBF and lurking on OM. There's a lot of knowledge out there.

WD said...


so what is wrong with the quote on TOS? I thought it was an interesting one that would entice people to visit your blog.

oops full disclosure here, I am the author of that page, so selected the quote from your blog.

ptc said...

This has been on the forums as well. I don't know if GT had the same trouble, but Hillenberg will not answer comms.
I do get the impression they're not intetested in press or promo at all.
Maybe CT has better luck?

I nearly signd up for BPL last night, but $84 put me off for the moment. I like a paper mag in my hand to read in the van you see, so I need the full whack.

ptc said...

...edit than "n" out if you want :o)

Martin Rye said...

W,D its not a moan just a mention that it struck me that I suppose I would have not picked that quote. Thanks for the mention and I am not complaining.

Hope that ok to say Duncan

AktoMan said...

- Martin & Darren - I was going to say "take it outside, children", but all seems cool now :-)

- ptc*. I can see why computer mags need the most up to date version of computers to review, but I'd have thought that a magazine like Trail would have had at least one Hilleberg Akto in their office. It isn't as if the tent materials change that often, and I wasn't aware that there was changes to the 2008 Akto (but I may be wrong, as there wasn't a review to read). A case of cyclical error?