Friday, 27 June 2008


So, the pro-wild camping ePetition "only" got 2021 votes. Guess what? The governing Labour got about half that last night at the Henley bi-election.

Conservative 19,796
Lib Dems 9,680
Green 1,321
BNP 1,243
Labour 1,066
Source BBC News

Spookily, they got 1066 - which is part of Darren's blog's URL!!!  Cue the music!


There's been other things going on with the Campaign, including a call from the Mountain Leader Training England via Trail/Country Walking forum and Grough. Me? I'm tired of the nay-sayers, tired of poorly worded laws that people feel free to ignore because no-one's getting hurt, tired of the authorities lording it over the populace and yet losing records, pochling expenses, and failing to answer questions in the house.


paulmartin42 said...

1066 when we all had to learn to speak French. In 2006 see how many french unis teach classes in English add 6 years and count again .....