Sunday, 22 June 2008

Test message

Http://,+-5.033+(this is the voice of the mysterons)&z=12&t=h


Dawn said...

oooohhhh errrr Duncan, have you got the voices talking to you? Maybe a little stir crazy?

AktoMan said...

LOL - all is revealed later :)

It's either this or use my binos to follow my neighbours' lives.

Dawn said...

well, Ihave been working on a couple of stoves. it is great fun. One of my multi fuel stoves needed loking at. Having it on the draining board roaring away is awesome. trying out some meths gel in the bushbuddy was also fun. Unfortunately my flat is tiny, thus trying to put up the tent is impossible. I did consider tipping the bed up on end to make more room but even that would be difficult. Why was I attempting to put up a tent in the first place? Well, Ineeded to trysome measurements to see if it is possible to hang a midge net with floor from a smaller tent. Oh, and then there was the sorty with the wire coat hanger. However that is on hold, I am going to try a bike brake cable and some electrical fittings. Watch out, Dawn is working on ideas!!!

AktoMan said...

LOL - my flat is also tiny, but I did manage once to pitch a Wild Country New Illanos in my living room. And, of course, the Akto, when I got that.

I've never tried that gel. Let me know how it goes.