Wednesday, 18 June 2008

What's That, Mr D?


Not that I'm going stir crazy or anything, but it is my Snow*Peak Titanium Trek 900 cooking pot with the MBD Blackfly3 stove (in component parts for ease of packing) and a 300ml bottle currently being used to hold Palmolive antibacterial handwash. I replaced the squirty lid with one from a platy waterbottle. The next stage will be to see if it holds meths. It could be a short and messy experiment, but reckon it's worth it as this bottle holds 300ml, that's a usage of 30ml a meal, so 10 meals. 5 days. Approximately, as there may be some spare meths left after cooking.

For shorter trips, using the smaller Alpkit Mytimug, I have a semi-circular bottle which came in a set from Next. 100ml, so 3 hot meals. If it stretched to 4, that'd be ideal (Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, Sunday morning).

I don't like the idea of changing my cookset to suit the fuel container, so I'll need to think some more. That's if the bottles don't get melted by meths.

Rationale:  quite simply, I like having the cookset, stove, fuel and spork all together. Utilitarian.