Sunday, 1 June 2008

On Your Marks

Between getting up early to do some marking, Darren phoning about cameras, downloading a new podcast channel that George found, and watching some lightweight backpacking on dvd (the 1970's show "Kung Fu"), oh, and getting some WW1 French figures prepped for varnishing ... I don't seem to have started my marking yet.

And now, catching up with the videos that Cameron posted about the TGO Challenge (pt 1, pt 2) - there's Darren, there's the unsurpassable John Manning, Chris Townsend (I think, is in shot at the Montrose dinner scene). As one chap said "you have to be strange to do this".

As the commentary for part 2 ends with "are you up for it?" - Yes, I am, but just can't afford to take 2+ weeks of unpaid leave off work.

I look forward to seeing the "Adventure Show" coverage, but have a suspicion that it is just going to be snippets during their 1 hour long show rather than the main section of the programme. They tend to focus on mountain bike races, ice climbing championships, and the like. High-adrenaline races. But I'm happy to be proven wrong.

Right ... about that overwork ...


Dawn said...

Photos up on blog. Dawn

AktoMan said...

Oops - still not started yet. I blame Mike for having some text comments about last night's Who episode, then I fell asleep on sofa, and then Mr Hee's blog, and now I can blame Dawn.

Dawn said...

ME, ME, but I am innocent!!!!!!!!!!, mutter, mutter, mutter. It took me two hours to download my piccies. For a non techie that is not bad.

AktoMan said...

Good to see the photos, Dawn.

You're right tho, it isn't easy to do for a non-techie. You done good, lass.