Saturday, 26 April 2008

Alpkit Mytimug & Tifoon Combo

As I'm looking at cutting down my cookset for a 2-3 day trip, I have been looking at large titanium mugs to replace the SnowPeak 900 pot I currently use (photo). Noticing that the Mytimug and Tifoon Combo was back in stock with Alpkit yesterday, I ordered one at lunchtime. It arrived today. Less than 24 hours after ordering.


The mug is single-walled titanium, and I'll be using it for boiling water. I wanted something that would hold enough water so that I can have a cuppa and still have enough hot water for rehydrating a meal (0.5 litre capacity minimum). Also, it had to be big enough to hold a 100 gas canister and stove, or the new stove on order (and fuel).


Modifications to make:

  • add duct tape to handles.
  • replace wooden lid knob with a fold-flat tie.
  • make pot cosy.
  • track down mesh holder to keep it all together.

The spork came in a nifty holder made from ripstop material with a velcro seal. The spork itself has a shiney finish to the business end, and the handle has cut-outs to reduce weight further. Due to size, I'll be sticking with my folding spork, as that fits inside the Mytimug.


I'll wait until the new stove arrives before making a new windshield to fit it.


Big Kev said...

How's the seal on the Mytimug lid these days? I've got the earliest model and there's none to speak of.

AktoMan said...

Boiled up water for breakfast and lid seemed fine. It is quite light, and can be bent in to (and out of) shape.

Plastic tie now used as a lid handle, duct tape on handles of pot and a pot cosy made from last of Bob's insulating bubble wrap.

And Darren's been on phone to tell me Alpkit were selling the mugs for 15 quid at the Ultralight Expo yesterday. I was rude to him in reply as he was being smug about it, phoning me specially at 10 on a Sunday morning. ;-)

John Hee said...

exactly my set-up. You won't need the tape on the handles - just make sure they're folded out when cooking. I also use a plastic mug and small bowl for coffee/food eating.
the mug wil hold a 100g cannisetr + stove head and still get the lid on. Very handy.

BG! said...

For those times when you might need more gas, it's worth noting that the Alpkit mug will hold two 100 canisters and you can still get the lid on. The trick is to put the 100s in upside-down.

Dan said...

A little unknown fact about titanium utensils:
No need for a folding fork. You can actually fit a standard spork (or spoon) in a small cup. All you have to do is bend it so it fits inside the cup. This is no joke, I do it with my snow peak fork to fit inside a snowpeak 600 or 450 mug. Titanium has the property that it does not work harden much. It doesn't act like a paper clip where if you bend it back and forth it breaks. I've heard of people bending and unbending their sporks hundreds of times without them breaking. What I do with mine is bend it into a half moon shape so it fits inside my cup.


AktoMan said...

Interesting tip, Dan. I did bend the lid of the Alpkit mug back into shape, so it may be do-able, but I'll stick with the folding spork I have.

If that comes across as me being sceptical, then you guessed right ... I just need to find someone in real life willing to show me the evidence ;-)

...and don't write and remind me that I have 2 'spare' long-handled titanium sporks :)