Saturday, 5 April 2008

Fuel Test: Firestarter Matches v2

As the flame from the Firestarter match (test one) wasn't high enough to use on the woodburning stove, I thought I'd try my only other suitable stove. This was the White Box Stove (previous test). As this is a meths (alcohol) stove, the ventilation is different, so the flame died in a couple of minutes.

Set up


Burning merrily.


Lack of ventilation - doh!


I re-used the unburnt blocks with the hex burner- I'd snapped the match into 3 sections to fit into the stove.  These caught light with one 'normal' match.


Enough hot water for breakfast as I listened to Radio Scotland's "Out of Doors" and last Monday's TOS Podzine - before facing the washing up. Wishing I'd spent the week on something more productive than a doze of man-flu. that Cateran Trail is sounding shiny. I'd spoken to one of the chaps at the Outdoors Show - nice to hear the importance of tourism to the economy (yup, multi-day hikers are tourists too). Not being wealthy, I would of course be wild camping. For the same reason, I won't be walking St Oswald's Way until wildcampism ends.


Baz said...

I'm heartened to see someone else has a trangia mini! I recently acquired one but attempted to use it with greenheat - which was a near disaster. I look forward to being let out again to brew up, with meths next time.

AktoMan said...

Got it years ago, but hardly use as I prefer cooking with gas. Despite all the new small meths (alcohol) stoves, and solid fuel stoves, I can't find any that are better than the gas system. For me anyway.