Friday, 28 March 2008

Mark 3 Wood burner

My Dad made the mark 3 wood burning stove today. Thanks, Dad. We (stress 'we') got it heating water in ... well, my Dad reckons I could have set up my tent, had my brew, and my dinner, broken down the tent and be on my way again before the 'me' using the woodburner had it warm enough for a brew.

IMG_0526 (Small)

Then we thought that was unkind, and we needed to sort out a wind shield for it. Maybe some rocks. Like a pile of stones in some sort of hearth-like arrangement. Like a hearth. Where we could set a fire. And then we wondered why we needed the tin can. But the soup that we bought with the can was nice. And I have a can with eyes holes in it. Maybe it'll come in useful at Hallowe'en? Boogie woogie.


Abcol@Altens said...

too much water

AktoMan said...

ah - if I'd dehydrated the water first it'd have boiled quicker!

Anonymous said...

hence the phrase: reductio ad absurdum

AktoMan said...