Thursday, 27 March 2008

We're Going to Need a Bigger Can

Experiment in making one of J. Falk's wood burning trail stoves. Courtesy of my Dad, who jumped at the opportunity after I mentioned the design. As we were loading up the car with camera gear, he proceeds to start making the Mark 1. Two hours later, we're still at the house. The food cans are too narrow and too tall. But it turned into a family exercise as my niece appeared from play school, who then went round the croft finding suitable kindling. 25 minutes on the stove warmed a 500ml pan of cold water.

Link to J Falk's design.


Mark 1


Would the cut-away handle a pan of water? A 14 pound weight is dug out.


The best we got with the stove.


But it got my Dad thinking about heat transfer and bigger can size.



Simon said...

Lol. So just 3 hours to cook your dinner and heat a couple of brews then ?