Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Road Trip: Callanish


Mike finally gets to the Callanish Stones. It is amazingly quiet. A dog barks across the loch behind me, i can hear the footfalls of people walking around the stones and the traffic on the road, not traffic en masse, but individual vehicle noise.


We set off across the moors, past where we used to cut peats, and maybe that'll be built over to provide Glasgow with enough power for their televisions and microwaves.


With the Harris and Uig hills to the south, who wouldn't want to destroy this? Maybe the driver of the black Ute that refused to reverse to their nearer passing place because their car might get dirty.


Carrying along the road, and stopping to catch the view before even reaching Achmore. Maplink.


We get to Callanish early for some photos and plan to return there for the sunset later. Mike said he'd been wanting to get here for years, so I stood up on the hill to capture the moment. Here's the clip where the chap in cammo sees the 3-4,000 year old standing stones (website, maplink).

A few more photos before heading off west.


Sun over Loch Roag. The sun's the bright object obscured by cloud.


The broch at Dun Carloway is a mere 2000 years old. Click on the image for a bigger picture. maplink


With the sun going down, we head back to Callanish and see the water has settled down.


The sun disappears into the clouds after this glimpse.


No pretty pictures of the sun dipping between the stones. Dutch tilt to get away from standard tourist shot.


Ghost sheep lurking in rocks on way back to car park.


As the night is fine, we stop off at Cuddy Point to get some photos of Stornoway at night.


And finally a nip out in the handy passing place in front of the Castle.