Wednesday, 19 March 2008

New Camera

I won a competition at work for my use of the VLE and got a digital camera as a prize. It was presented by the Principal, and wasn't just "a digital camera", but a top of the range Canon Ixus 950 IS. Woo hoo. At the end of the day I took a few shots from the top of the Tower Block and then went home to read the manual.


View of the car park above John Lewis' [f/2.8, ISO 80, 6mm], and the same shot with the full zoom on, cropped to show detail [f/5.5, ISO 200, 23mm].


View westward toward North Anderson Drive. I set the scene to beach to play around with the sunlight. I like the softening effect.


Back at base, I checked my outstanding filing. Some of the students may recognise the bees from their "bee story" project with Susan.

Expect more shots during the Easter break. Possibly pushing the image stabilisation to extremes dealing with windy days on hills and low light shots indoors and outdoors.


colin macleod said...

about time you won something for your stunning photo's!!thanks for the backhander by the way.heehee

George Griffin said...

Well done :-)

Looks like a nice camera

Anonymous said...

Lucky boy! I have a 750IS and reckon the image stabilisation is a huge benefit, especially when it's cold and windy and you're shivering and wobbling about on a hill.


AktoMan said...

The image stabilisation helped with the night shots in the next sequence. There were ones that didn't come out, but I got about 4 out of 4 decent ones of the row of streetlamps. With no tripod, just hand holding as stable as I could. A shame the manual's in pdf, as I like reading paper where I can have it with me. I want the flash to default to being switched off, rather than on. It comes on for night shots!

It'll be in the manual somewhere. I've emailed a copy to my online account so I can download it to read anywhere.

Alistair said...

I wish my lot had the incentive to use the VLE! I might suggest this to them. What VLE do you use Duncan?

AktoMan said...

We're on Blackboard. We should have an update going through soon (maybe for after Easter).

I've not compared it with other systems, eg Moodle, and it's the first VLE I've used, so think it is the bees knees.