Wednesday, 5 March 2008

British Mountain Map: Cairngorms & Lochnagar

The BMC newsletter is out with a mention of the 1:40,000 map produced by Harvey Maps in association with the BMC and the MCofS. According to the text: "lightweight, tear-resistant and waterproof". Link to product page, as it covers a huge area. With and without bridges.

Just taking my card off to buy mine, saving 2 quid as I'm a member (includes MCoS).


Anonymous said...

You'll need to know your 15 times table I think.


Frank said...

What about the map itself compared to normal OS maps? What is the advantage of this map?

Regards, Frank

Anonymous said...

It covers an area of intense interest to hill users that otherwise requires 4 OS maps.

There is much more detail about the type of terrain - bog, marsh, scree etc - than an OS map.

There are no features, such as county boundaries, that aren't on the ground.

It is waterproof(-ish).

There is usually some interesting stuff to read on the back.

The contour lines are 15m which makes them harder to count up in your head, so only intelligent, not to mention good looking, hard-core mountain men buy them.


AktoMan said...

I'm probably not intelligent enough to work out the contours as I was persuaded by the equation:
New map + Cairngorms + Harveys = purchase.

I'd still want the Explorer map for peaks though. And my pulling t-shirt for the nightlife in Aviemore. Rrrrr.

2 weeks today and it's the Easter break for me. Woo hoo.

Big Kev said...

I bought one too. What's a contour?

Big Kev said...

That sounded a whole lot funnier in my head :o)

It's here btw. Looks good. Just have to go and stick a metaphorical pin in it.

AktoMan said...

Mine arrived today. Good planning map. Still need an OS Explorer map for detailed work IMO.