Sunday, 23 March 2008

Road Trip: Traigh Mhor


Water problems left house on limited clean supply. Went to down to big beach past Tolsta. It started snowing. maplink


It quickly goes from this to ...




But being hardy folk, kitted up for the outdoors, we just pratt around until the cold gets to us and we had to a warm car.


Mike has to dance around as he doesn't have a nice Alpkit jacket, like what I do.


Click with new camera...



Abcol@Altens said...

is the c text/yahoo ad necessary - all the pic were spoilt for me

AktoMan said...

In theory, no, the "c/text" isn't needed, as copyright is generated automatically by the copyrightholder, and theft of copyrighted images is easily proven by the fact that the copyrightholder has the original image.

I have a creative commons statement on the site, which should be enough to cover a statement of intent. Id someone wants to nick my naff photos, pass them off as their own, then they can go and stand in the cold and snow and do it themselves.

Anyway, the pictures aren't that good in the first place.

As to the "yahoo ad" - wise up, it's just an email address. You finished advertising abcol or altens?

Story Quine said...

Paul - are ye feelin ok? Ppl have every right to copyright their stuff.
Love the photos D - you should have seen it up here today - had to take the bike in tonight or it might have frozen to the fence permanently!!


clodius said...

Hey Duncan , I have a good trip too this saturday and sunday.

AktoMan said...

Hi Claude. I see you had some snow too. Great photos, I like the shots of the sun. Did you "leger" it, or take luxuries?

clodius said...

My camera is dimage z5, and I backpacked "leger" in french.

sally in norfolk said...

Love the photos... and cannot wait for my trip to scotland soon :-)