Thursday, 20 March 2008

New Camera pt2

Another couple of shots with the Canon Ixus 950 IS. After nipping up to Tescos to get a bigger SD card (ooh, doing large giggage for low poundage), I stopped at the Beach Boulevard for some low light shots.


Tower blocks. F/2.8, ISO 250, 1/8seconds, hand-held.


The Beach Boulevard (maplink) - I had to wait a few minutes until I could get an 'empty' shot. F/2.8, ISO 250, 1/8seconds, hand-held.

The only image manipulation that I've done with the images has been the cropping. Everything else is straight from the camera. I've using the rule-of-thirds grid on the LCD monitor. Photos set to 'superfine' JPG quality, and 3264x2448 pixels. Image size varies from 1mb to 4mb, depending on content.


Simon said...

"giggage"! Have we witnessed the birth of a new word?