Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Wild Camping ePetition

Just over 10 weeks left to go in the "legalise wild camping" ePetition (link to sign, link to main site).

It currently has 775 'signatures' on it.

It started about 7 weeks ago, then if all things were equal, the 1350 signatures target (that I set earlier) would be reached. But life isn't like that. Saturation points get reached, people ignore something that drags on, and people get tired of the politicians saying "no chance, we've more important things to do". Life goes on.

Sleep well in your illegal wild camp, draw a breath and think - "wouldn't it be nice if this was legal". Leave no trace, damage no plants, set no open fires - in fact, all the things that real wild campers do already. But, anyway. Some of us are going to have a chat about our strategy and tactics this Saturday at The Outdoors Show. Someone's threatened to go commando on the commando slide. Fathers for wild camping, I think he quipped.

In the meantime, here's the opposing view.

Yes, both of the last 2 were jokes. Just in case some balloons read this.