Thursday, 10 April 2008

The 1350

The pro-wild camping ePetition is under 90 signatures short of 1300. To be honest, with the lack of interest from certain hiking magazines (where apparently wild camping law is "complex" in England & Wales), and the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude of people on forums, I thought the idea of mentioning the 1350 people involved in the Scottish consultation would be an unfeasible target. There seemed to be little real interest from people in England & Wales, and if they can't be bothered, why should us Northerners force them into something they aren't interested in legalising. As I said in a video-clip, "we'll take your money".

With about 6 weeks left on the ePetition, and the number of signatures climbing daily, 1350 looks a reachable target now. Despite the lack of support in the printed medium. A well, maybe the medium is broken, but it isn't my job to fix it.

More info on the official site.


BG! said...

For "medium" read "small"... minded.

That's the trouble - media reporters work on past data, they tell you what's already happened. Foresight isn't required. Neither is the ability to think "out of the (letter)box".

IMHO, of course.

AktoMan said...

I preferred to think that it was the fact that it had already been mentioned in the online forums, so not worth mentioning in the news section of the print. Just look at how little news there is in TGO these days.

BG! said...

I don't buy or read any of the popular outdoors mags, so I'm not qualified to comment on their content.

BG! said...

I do find it quite a disappointment that some popular, nay even famous, outdoors personalities that contribute to, or even write for, the outdoors press, have expressed support on a personal level, but hold back when it comes to putting ink to paper. Do they not have the courage of their convictions?