Friday, 4 April 2008

McNeish at Large

Well. I did not realise that. I suppose it should have been obvious before, but, well, I did not look at the title of the column, and there was no author listed on the web page. No doubt the newspaper has his cheery visage beaming out across the page.

I'd previously commented on an article in the Strathspey & Badenoch Herald about a piece on wild camping: Strathspey-Herald-article.html

Until I went back to look at the Scottish-set target (1500 people consulted over the Scottish Outdoor Access Code), to see how the English & Welsh petition is going (1,140 online signatures; so 360 to beat the Scots), I did not realise that the article was part of a series "McNeish at Large". Of course, it could have been another McNeish. Couldn't it?

So...I called out Scotland's cuddliest hillwalker (or whatever they call him on The Adventure Show). Oops.

If you wish to read some more of Cameron McNeish's articles, you'll find a list here:

And with the timing of irony, a very cheery postman delivers my PacerPoles back from their servicing (woo hoo), and a fresh new copy of TGO magazine.

I'll get my coat.


Andy Howell said...

I've always enjoyed reading these pieces - can't remember how I found them!

Pacer Poles - ah now you're talking Dunc!

AktoMan said...

PacerPoles are great, but I manage to jam mine - got good cleaning instructions from Heather & Alan.

Man flu's managed to lay me out this week. Got sod all done, including not getting prep or marking done, and that means not getting out on hills either.

I'll need to add Mr McN's articles to my reading list.