Monday, 21 April 2008

Another Alcohol Stove

Just because I don't like the uncontrolled flame of other alcohol stoves didn't stop me being tempted by the idea of wick-based stoves. I blame Darren for his order from Tinny at Mini Bull Design - after watching his YouTube videos, and seeing the new designs, I pondered. And pondered. And pondered. I think I pondered for one more day before splashing out 20 quid or so on on a Black Fly nr 3 and some extras.

I decided against the Heineken pot as I'm intending down-sizing to a single-wall titanium mug. But I'll wait until I get the actual stove to check the volume. Everything in its place and a place for everything.


Anonymous said...

Good grief, everyone is going mad on stoves. Me? Oh no!well, I have only a dozen or so. At present am toying with an idea of heading to the Outer Isles in summer with my bush buddy and an meths back up. Dawn.

AktoMan said...

Just liked the idea of a wicked alcohol stove. Tinny's videos also mentioned other fuel than meths. So a trip to the big Halfords is in order to try for some purer methanol.

Ooter Isles with a wood burning stove? IIRC, someone tried the bush buddy with the wooden parts of heather, but no joy. Would finding fuel be a problem on some islands?

I'm thinking of another LDW in the summer. Not sure which one. Maybe some old drove roads. Not keen on out of England/Wales as I want to legally wild camp. Hmm ... Scandinavia? Maybe back a viking to Norway?

Anonymous said...

Norway would be nice. Burning old heather twigs is not easy, mind neither is burning old sheep droppings. In an emergency, when I had stove problems I did just that. Adds a certain flavour to a mug of soup. The other fuel I sometimes use is pure surgical spirit, it burns hotter and cleaner. Dawn

AktoMan said...

Tinny at MiniBullDesign has a good video on fuels for alcohol stoves.

I'll wait to read your blog on the wood-burning (or 'chip' burning) bush buddy in Scotland.