Thursday, 24 April 2008

Filling station queue

Another queue at a filling station. Saw 2 on tuesday. As i only pass one station on the way to work, that's a 100% rate of an unscientific survey.


Jerry said...

Why is it the closer you get to the North Sea and its (our) oilfields, the more expensive petrol gets?

AktoMan said...

Aye, one of the guys couldn't get diesel in Peterhead today, and that's further north!

I wonder if it'll have an affect on people's May Day long weekend? I was wondering about attacking some of the hills behind Blair Atholl, but reckon on saving fuel and walking from the Braemar side instead.

Jerry said...

Well Duncan, the long walk in is more virtuous! Save petrol, burn your legs! Which hills are you after? There was tons of snow on the Cairngorms when I drove past last week - has a lot melted?

AktoMan said...

Thinking of walking up Glen Ey and across to Loch Loch (so good they named it twice), and investigate Beinn a' Ghlo. I was up Carn an Righ and BIM last year and saw the inter-connecting glens.

Outline plan:
Saturday - tab it in to jumping off point.
Sunday - hills.
Monday - tab it back.

All depends on snow levels. And having enough petrol to get there/back.

I've a brother living at Blair Atholl, so I'll get an eyeball report from him.