Sunday, 27 April 2008

Active Magazine: Wild Camping Article

A text from John Hee this morning tells me that there's a 3-[age article on the wild camping petition in the 3rd edition of "Active" magazine. A nip up town and the sight of a kid getting an older lad to buy fags for him (I shook inwardly at the irony of the kid saying "you're a lifesaver").

Gemma Hall (signatory nr 898) gathered a collection of people interested in wild camping in England and Wales.

Darren (signatory nr 1), obviously, as he set up the ePetition on the 10 Downing Street website: 

"We're not asking for permission to camp in lay-bys, cornfields or in your garden."

Danny Moores (name not on list) of Natural England: "The philosophy in Scotland has always been very different".

Sue Hilder (name not on list) of the NFU Scotland: "The floodgates haven't opened."

Mike Dales (name not on list) of the Scottish Canoe Association: "We can now put our energy into educating countryside users.." He believes that England & Wales will follow Scotland's lead but it will depend on the clout of outdoor groups.

Back in England & Wales, Andrew Shirley (name not on list), Access Adviser of the Country Land and Business Association said future access provision should be "based on demand, not ideology". Interestingly, he mentions the "time and expense involved", "thrashing out the significant liability issues" for the "very small number of people who are not satisfied with camp sites".

John Hee (signatory nr 7) mentions support from kayakers, bushcrafters, horse-riders and cyclists.

The "don't publicise it - keep it quiet" response was mentioned.


At present, there are 1,453 signatures on the petition, which closes on the 24th of May.

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