Wednesday, 2 May 2007

White Box Stove: Take 1

Loaded up the White Box Alcohol Stove with meths (as it's called in the UK), all as per instructions. A few sparks of the flint&steel and it was blazing away. I had put it on its metal base, and put the windshield around the stove (complete with its own paperclip).

Within 1-2 minutes the side burners had ignited, and I put my SnowPeak on it with 0.6 litres of cold water. All sat on the kitchen top.

DSC03347s WBSDSC03347s WBS Hosted on Zooomr

I notice that the flame reaches up the sides of the SnowPeak. The stove is silent. The windshield gets hot. Within a total of 10 minutes of putting a flame to the meths, the 0.6 litres of water (approx 2 drinking mugs worth) was boiling merrily.

The titanium mug is very hot. A downside of the flames reaching up the sides. Thanks to the YouTube video (listed on the instructions), I was warned about flaring when removing the mug. I'd add to that the fact that trying to blow out the fuel can lead to flames being blown away from you. Being new to the use of these stoves, I'll research a more efficient method.

In summary - I need to get some more advice and practice on using the stove, so it won't be going with me this weekend. Simon, I'll pack it the car, so you can see it live, since you missed Bellingham.


Darren said...

what meths did you use?

AktoMan said...

Just the standard 'purple' SupaDec one, marked as being for campers.

The crystal ones were too dear, and the guy selling them on the corner was selling some cheap TNF too, so I don't think it was legit.

Are there better methylated spirits to use, Darren?

Lighthiker said...


just put a flat non-flammable item on top of the burner and the flames will extinct because they have no air anymore.
And using a pot with a bigger diameter on the stove is useful otherwise the pot will get really hot as you experienced. Also don't put the windshield to close to the burner. I've already melted a hole into one

AktoMan said...

Thanks Lighthiker,

I'll experiment later on with the Trangia pot, which is wider than the mug.

As to the windshield - I'll need to watch that, thanks.

Because of the holes in the side of the burner, I don't think putting an inflammable object just over the top will help, it would need to be over the sides too.

Later it turned out there was hardly any fuel left to burn, so I should have left it to burn out, as Darren advised.

It is a good stove, and I'll get these issues sorted out with it.