Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Bennachie 22.05.07

40 mins from car to summit of Mither Tap. Including taking some pictures, going up over the rock wall and freethinking about the course on blogging i'll be working on.

I tried reading some Kafka and think i counted 7 different layers of depth in one story. We all project many different personas on to the people we interact with. Whether we know them or not, we all impact on each others' lives. On the street, we enter a stranger's life for a fleeting moment, and then we are gone. The person who reads a blog and never comments. The person who died years ago, but helped build a hillfort. Relatives who dragged timber across the island so that they could rebuild their home after being cleared from their land. People who cut me up on the road and then brake sharply as they come to a speed camera - all within a 30mph zone outside a police station. The society that is descending further into farce, and Nature that cares not, because in 50 years, a lot of us pageviews will be dead, and what we leave to the future will be determined by the personas we project: in Real Life and, increasingly, in various forms of media. Printed, painted, sculpted, photographed, recorded in sound and/or video, and our online presence.

Stay frosty, the future is watching you. What sort of memory will you project? Will there be stories to remember you by? May all be well and happy.