Wednesday, 16 May 2007


Collected Darren's stuff from a nice couple. After a cuppa, I couldn't leave without sampling some of the fayre from the famous Bervie Chipper.


Voice of your conscience said...

You do realise that you are going to have to walk all those chips off?

AktoMan said...

I've probably burnt it off with the aggression voiced against all those people speeding past me and overtaking on blind corners. Cutting me up, then hitting the brakes in front of me as we come to a speed camera.

Just another day of driving in Aberdeenshire/City.

"Voice of your conscience"

Plus, stopped off at Transition Extreme (finally) to see about lessons in scrambling (intro to heights).

Plus, am offski to try and tackle 3 Munros in the Cairngorm NP.

Plus, I've a class of 3rd years tomorrow.

Enough chance of burning off the haddock (yummmm, it was sooo fine) supper. That's "haddock and chips" for people south of the Border.