Saturday, 26 May 2007

Out of Doors 26.05.07

Almost caught programme live, but fell asleep again. Thanks for the "listen again" feature.

They were asking for opinions on whaling, as there's an important meeting of the International Whaling Commission this year. The phrase "dodgy dealings" was used about the IWC. You might think so, but I cannot comment.

The phone in competition was to phone in and say what prize you wanted. My sort of attitude.

Skye sea kayaking symposium (see Simon Willis' blog for more information). Article on the increasing popularity of the sport, and a chat about what's happening at the symposium.

LOL - they picked up the weatherman for missing out Skye. "but I mentioned wind Southwest to West"..."but that's the wind direction, not the area"..."oh, you've spotted the fault, I'll get back to you". Well done.

Other bits and pieces on marina development, wildlife and suchlike. As ever, a fun and informative radio programme.