Thursday, 24 May 2007

Tir is Teanga 24.05.07

2nd last programme in this 3rd series sees Colin MacLeod in Moidart and Sunart.

Climbing Streap (insert Gaelic joke there), he is joined by Iain MacKenzie, and they get a fine day and grand views. Colin admits it is "not often I get to the top of a hill and the sun is still shining".

With Gillian Munro, he tackles Rois-Bheinn. Geology is discussed. Along with the language expert, Viking placenames are discussed. And Charles Edward Stuart is mentioned as he landed in the area, and left from the area, evading Government pursuers. Some names also recalled the Lordship of the Isles.

For a final walk, Colin leaves Strontian in bad weather, and avoids high lands, walking by lead mines where Strontium was discovered. Along the old coffin route and over waterlogged ground to see the outline of the hills around him.

Link to BBC Scotland online - watch-again feature should appear here shortly.


Anonymous said...

Gillian Munro, as in Dr Gillian Munro of Sabhal Mor Ostaig?

I ken her, and her brother Sandy.

Still in the land of the living - bought a bike.

AktoMan said...

Well, butter me sideways, aye, that's her Quine.
SMO Link

Watch the traffic on the bike.

Was that you casting spells on my tentpole last weekend, and summoning in the bad weather ;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't suppose anyone here has an idea as to where the heck I can get a hold of Paul Mounsey's music from this program? I have bought most of his CD's and can't find it anywhere (highly irritating). Hope you can help

AktoMan said...

The only lead that I can suggest is to contact the production company,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that I'll send them an email.