Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Glen Etive in May

A selection of Simon's photos featuring me from the weekend up the Ben Starav group in Glen Etive. Thanks to Simon's planning, we managed to bag Glas Bheinn Mhor on Saturday before the weather turned nasty overnight.

Etive in MayEtive in May Hosted on Zooomr
Etive in mayEtive in may Hosted on Zooomr
Glas Bheinn MhorGlas Bheinn Mhor Hosted on Zooomr
Etive in MayEtive in May Hosted on Zooomr
Below Ben StaravBelow Ben Starav Hosted on Zooomr
Man at Glen EtiveMan at Glen Etive Hosted on Zooomr


Lighthiker said...

Mmmh, no Namche boots on your feet...Anyway gave fast&lite a call this week and they will be sending me a pair and I hope they gonna fit...Needs them 2 weeks to order them though...

AktoMan said...

Scarpa ZG65s. Feet toasty and dry, no problems with grip. I should get the Namches from the Post Office on Friday. It will still be a process of getting used to them, and seeing what terrain/climate/load I feel comfortable in them.

I seem to have twigged to the close-distance/middle-distance/far-distance view (just like when I'm driving on wndy roads). But then, I wasn't negotiating anything scary - just a wide ridge walk that would have scared me two years ago.

I need footwear that I can trust, and trust is earned ... hmm, where have I heard that expression before ;-)