Saturday, 19 May 2007

Glenshee 190507

Creag Leacach

Glas Maol


Carn Ait

1735. Snap. Hmm. That pole shouldn't bend there. I've a repair kit.

Ah, there are 2 breaks.

Hmm. Pitched Akto as big bivvy bag while i get the repairs done.

I can't be bothered quitting as i can rig tent up between walking poles if necessary. Pitched at col to southwest of Creag Leacach.


John Hee said...

was that the new carbon pole then?

AktoMan said...


Just mailed company about their warranty.

Lesson learnt - take a pen that is fat enough to use as a spare tent-repair-slider. Mine wasn't and the lid I used wasn't good enough after using the official repair sleeve on the fracture furthest from the end.

After make-shift repairs, tent was about 1 foot shorter than it should have been, so fabric was waving around in the wind. I started to get a brew on and thought "sod this for a game of soldiers, I'm off to the car". With the lack of tension, I was feart that tent fabric would be damaged.

I should have been ready for a worst-case scenario, and it would only have needed me to take the original pole in my pack - just in case.

Ach well, 20km/12 miles and a 400m/1,300ft climb in 24 hours. Plus venison burger and chips, and a sorty into a gear shop.

John Hee said...

the pole break was a bit naughty- i thought that material was meant to be stronger!

Anonymous said...

It is stronger, for a given weight; or in the case of tubes, for a given weight and diameter. I've got a carbon tent pole (Laserlight) and it's smaller diameter than the original ali one, and of course it's lighter.

AktoMan said...

I had no trouble with the CF pole. Up until the point it failed. Lighter than the original pole. Well-manufactured. Allowed me to pack the whole tent in a single bag which could then fit across the body of the backpack.

I can only report on my experience.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask what the final resolution of this was? Have you persevered with shorter pole sections (which I saw as a larger benefit than the weight loss though maybe a partial improvement in each is appropriate) or reverted back to the originals?