Thursday, 3 May 2007


Yesterday I received the OMM Duo Mat that I ordered from the Outdoor Warehouse's stall at Bellingham (nice folk, didn't charge me postage). It is 165grammes (though OMM website says 180g) of folding foam sleep mat. For £9, for when I want to go light and basic rather than bulkier and comfortable. That won't be this weekend. (PDF manual)

Harvey's pack came in. Their Mountain Maps: Lake District (for next month's blog meet), and the Offa's Dyke bundle (2 maps and the Cicerone book).

TGO magazine came in too. The view on page 44 shows where the "AktoMan" name was born: Glen Ey. Still my favourite valley.

During the day I nipped out to Craigdon and got a wee Nalgene screw-top jar to use as a mug. Straight-sided, it's easier to clean than a bottle. Holds boiling water (e.g. a cup of tea), and is smaller than the Aladdin insulated mug I have been using. It doesn't have a drink spout and isn't insulated.

Posted the Backpackers Club membership on the way in to work. That very nice fellow, Ross, is sending me out a buff. That swung it for me. It'll open up some new options beyond the nice folk at OM.

Picked up an eLite for Simon from Tiso's, and noticed that they had Avon Skin So Soft in stock. I think they must be following OutdoorsMagic.

After work, I put the dehydrator on for another 4 hours, that'll be 12 in total. Much dryer now. Must have because the warm air was passing through more food, or because I used the baking parchment. That plug-in timer works well.

Fed some GPS details into Memory Maps and on to GPS. Added more bothies.

Phoned my mobile phone company who reckoned the problem with the photo-attachments not getting through via email is the email settings. So they emailed me a copy of the settings for me to try with my other email systems.

My mobile phone bill has doubled since getting the new phone. Mainly RSS feeds and then downloading associated blogs. To get 20meg of downloads will cost me an extra tenner. Plus I'd have to go to a new tariff. I'll investigate options later.

Dehydrator finished. I'm off to complete my packing and get an early night. I hope.