Friday, 4 May 2007

Bloggers Pantomime 1, page 52


Leaving the copse behind, you head further up the hill and your boots are soon stepping on more rock than gravel path. Your walking pole comes in handy a few times, as the track edges give way. The recent bad weather can’t have helped, and you feel good about your National Trust membership as the money goes towards track maintenance.


A large goat bleats at you as you realise that you haven’t been paying attention and walked round the boulder almost into it. Stepping back, your right foot fails to reach the path as you lose your balance.

Do you

Try and regain your balance before falling down the path?


Fling yourself towards the boulder, trying to grab hold of it?


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Phreerunner said...

Congratulations Duncan, WD tells me you are a driving force behind the panto. It's most enjoyable, well done.

AktoMan said...

The format was just something I devised for work. Thought some folk may enjoy it out in the Real World. I'm glad at least one other person did. Shame about the rest - life is hardly worth living after their comments.