Friday, 25 May 2007

And the World Changed

On this day in 1977, "Star Wars" was released. (link).

I remember having the audio tape and listening to it on a bus to Belgium with the Scouts. I have no idea when I first saw the film, probably when it came to TV, as the cinema in Stornoway was closed for years.

Life was never the same after "Star Wars".

And, yes, it was "Star Wars", not "Episode 3", or "A New Hope". Just "Star Wars". Life was simpler, the story was a good one, and no-one bothered arguing about stupid little things like badges on uniforms. But then, were we happier? Yes, of course we were!


George Griffin said...

Duncan your making me feel old :-(

I got to see "Star Wars" the first time on afternoon after finishing a Geography exam in the in the morning. One of my last school days :-).

George Lucas is give fans the chance to remix the Star Wars films

BG! said...

I must be the only person who's never seen any of the Star Wars films. Am I afflicted by some malady?