Friday, 18 May 2007

Tir is Teanga 17.05.07

Colin MacLeod visits some of the Inner Hebrides.

On Arran, he climbs Goat Fell and mentions the renaming of places from the Gaelic. The geology of the island is mentioned, as is its name.

A ferry to Jura, and he is joined by a friend for a walk up the Paps. The weather gets worse. "It's a bit unpleasant!", "Shame we can't see Jura", and the headed off to try something else that Jura is famous for.

Finally, Mull, and Ben More. Joined by a geologist, they mention the various rock formations. As the weather gets worse again, Colin admits that "the fog seems to follow me". "This is the top, but we can't see a thing" and the program finishes with "might as well go home".

As ever, good discussions about the names of places, and the landscape.