Saturday, 26 May 2007

Trail July 07

Trail magazine came through the letterbox this morning.

  • Ghyll scrambling - looks fun. I'd never heard of it before. In the photo, Graham Thompson just looks like he's in his element.
  • Review of the Furtech Claw jacket - first time I've seen a transparent hood visor. S.I.G.
  • Hill zen has that empathic strand that Trail do so well.
  • The Knowledge has the usual fill of, well, knowledge. But no information on how to use the rifle photographed on p51.
  • Article of 'bikepacking' in Scotland. Good idea, and well-written. Just remember to give us pedestrians plenty of clearance. Photographer Tom Bailey must do a lot of miles in his job.
  • Main gear - 4 person family tents, and child carriers.
  • Range guide to High Street. I like those guides. I wonder if there's an archive list.
  • Fitness academy continues giving out advice and showing the benefits. A dynamic program.
  • Trail routes includes Beinn nan Aighenan. The northern-most part of Leg 5-6 is near where Simon and I camped a few weekends back.
  • The 'funny' at the end has no changed to "RG Colsterworth's Hill Almanack" - I assume it is lighthearted, as the illustration depicts a walker heading uphill into a lightning storm.

P100 "The wilderness is waiting to liven up your walking this summer". Well said, Claire.


Challengers starting to re-appear online. Andy Howell's blog is awakening, and I look forward to reading (and hearing) about the trip. Across on the Challenge message board, 2008 is already being talked about.


Caught "True Grit" on television - classic. Forgot that Robert Duval was in it. No cavalry hat, nor talked about the smell of napalm, but his distinctive voice nonetheless.


Pause to mourn the passing of BG from the OM forum. His blog continues. I know not, nor care not why he is not welcome there any more, as I had avoided that thread.


Andy Howell said...

Yep Duncan, you can expect a whole load of stuff over the next couple of weeks. Glad to be back and blogging.

John Hee said...

Its safe to go back in th eOM water now, That particular 'problem' has been resolved