Sunday, 27 May 2007

Wainwright's Walks 27.05

"Wainwright's Walks" BBC2 Scotland.

Just watched Julia Bradbury climb Scafell Pike (England's highest peak), following in the footsteps of Alfred Wainwright. She chatted with Joss Naylor, and asked about his follow-up to the "70 at 70" and his epic 214 peaks in 7 days.

Further up the way, a path repair crew is encountered, and the public is given some insight into the work that goes on to make their trek easier. Well done, chaps.

Another insight given was that Julia mentioned that it would normally take 7 hours to walk, but longer with a film crew. By the end of the programme she had taken 10 hours to summit. A long day.

I would take umbrage with the comment that "it's not beautiful" - it looked gorgeous to me.

By coincidence, I'm down in the Lakes in a couple of weekends time - guess where I want to make a detour to now?

Oh, and pronunciation. She pronounced it "Skoh-fell" rather than what I was (mis)pronouncing it as "Skah-fell". I'll find out. Names are important.


AktoMan said...

Scafell Pike - from

Story Quine said...

Uh-huh, the silly sloanie moo! It was a great prog, and the top of Scafell is very like the top of Ben Nevis - a rock field. (Only we've got another 1,100ft on it! hee hee)

Anyone that's done Lochnagar would find Scafell easy - it's a long walk in with several near-vertical boulder fields.

Good luck on the Lakes' trip - wasn't John Simm in the terrible tv-mini-series called 'The Lakes', blood, guts, sex and violence in sleepy NW England! (Imdb?)

AktoMan said...

Ben MacDui's the highest I've been.(photo).

As to finding hills easy - I'd never underestimate any terrain. From height to branches. It can all be dangerous. From a nasty nip by a goat to nettles. The outdoors are/is a dangerous place.

Soaps(eg 'dramas') = yawn.